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at least according to harry?

Disclaimer: Blog contains no actual genitals. Or lesbian porn.

My name is Gen and also it is Gil. People call me both. You can call me both. Or you can make up your own name for me. That happens too.

Things I blog about include Les Mis (a lot), feminism, queer things, corgis, dogs in general, fish, Phoenix Wright, and generically amusing things. Hopefully that sounds like something you like.

Mar 25 '13

we hid a lot of pictures of politicians eating food on my roommate’s side of the room and she just came home and she’s slowly finding them and kind of breaking down and i’m cry in g

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    In case you were given the impression that I’m glamorous and fashionable.
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    i actually think i broke my roommate though
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    It was hilarious. Has she found Hillary yet? (Personal favorite.)
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    I missed out on doing it I got back too late